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Flipped (2010)

I love the tone, aesthetic, soundtrack, and premise. I wanted to fall for this film. Such a shame about the script, though… One of the protagonists is a tedious lump for 85% of the runtime, and most of the happenings are just not that interesting. (Even the gimmick of seeing each scene from both character’s perspective rarely provides insights or surprises.)

Worst of all, the protagonists talk a lot about each other, but not with each other, so it’s hard to feel much about their connection. There’s an astonishing void of cleverness or romance. Just pining and pondering.

The cast is hit or miss — I mostly like the leads. The adults mostly feel miscast or bland, though.

In an alternate universe where this movie gets a rewritten screenplay and a tweaked cast, it might have been a favorite. Instead, I can’t in good conscience recommend it.

Is It Good?

Nearly Good (4/8)

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