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Dan Stalcup is the editor and head critic of The Goods. He is one of the hosts The Goods: A Film Podcast, a weekly film review show. He is a member of OFCS.

Dan previously founded and edited pop culture blog EarnThis.net, which had over one million readers from 2009-2018 and still gets occasional updates.

Dan lives near Washington, DC and is the father of two energetic daughters.

You can find Dan on Letterboxd and reach him by email.


  • Brian Terrill is a co-founder and co-host of The Goods: A Film Podcast.
  • Andrew Milne is a 2012 graduate of the University of Dundee, with an MA in English and Politics. He spent a lot of time at Uni watching decadently nerdy movies with his pals, and decided that would be his identity moving forward. He awards an extra point on The Goods ranking scale to any film featuring robots or martial arts. He also dabbles in writing fiction, which is assuredly lousy with robots and martial arts.

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