Is It Good?

“Is It Good?” is our signature rating system, originating from our podcast, The Goods: A Film Podcast. It’s an eight point rating scale capturing an overall evaluation on the effectiveness and quality of the film.

The idea is that this is what we’d answer if someone asked us if the movie we just watched was good. Alternately, it’s a Roger Ebert-esque 4-star rating scale where each level is equivalent to a half star, if that’s easier for you to make sense of. (Note that the names for the ratings are slightly different than the ones we use on the podcast.)

“Is It Good?” Ratings

  • Very Not Good (1 out of 8)
  • Not Good (2 out of 8)
  • Not Very Good (3 out of 8)
  • Nearly Good (4 out of 8)
  • Good (5 out of 8)
  • Very Good (6 out of 8)
  • Exceptionally Good (7 out of 8)
  • Masterpiece: Tour De Good (8 out of 8)

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