Hey there, fellow movie fan! My name is Dan. Welcome to my movie review site. You might know me as one of the hosts of The Goods: A Film Podcast.

On July 9, I launched the review site The Goods: Film Reviews (which you are currently on!), a partner site to the podcast, where I will be posting all of my written movie reviews using the Is It Good? rating scale, plus links to all podcast episodes.

My goal is to post a new review every day starting July 9 for as long as I can sustain that pace!

In the meantime, I have posted hundreds of reviews I’ve written that were previously posted on other sites, including capsules, diaries, and links to podcast episodes (and, in some cases, multiple reviews for the same movie). I will be cleaning up, consolidating, and organizing these over the coming months, but if you notice anything particularly wacky, let me know. You can navigate all currently posted reviews on the Review Index.

Here is the planned weekly posting schedule:

  • Sunday: Wildcard (any movie I want)
  • Monday: Year in Film: 2022 (overview TBA)
  • Tuesday: Review project TBD
  • Wednesday: Podcast episode/movie review
  • Thursday: Tom Hanks retrospective
  • Friday: New release (past 12 months)
  • Saturday: Wildcard or family movie review

See current Review Projects here.

Feedback? Questions? Ideas? Typos? Let me know: thegoodsfilmpodcast@gmail.com