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July 2022 Recap

I’m going to try and post a recap of my movie-watching and the site’s activity once a month. No guarantee I do it every month, but I figured we’d give it a try!



Site News and Updates:

  • The site launched on July 9!
  • According to my Letterboxd account, I watched 28 films in July
  • Today’s banner comes from the most read new review this month… Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis!
  • It takes time to build a community, but I was excited to get 44 unique readers in July. Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

Next Month:

  • I will be traveling for a week, and my kid will be starting kindergarten, so I will have my personal plate full. But the plan is to try and keep posting a new review every day, including new releases once a week.
  • I’m scheduled to wrap up my 2009 Top 100 rewatch and the Baz Luhrmann retrospective. News to come on next review projects!
  • If I get any spare time on top of that writing and podcast editing, I hope to spend some time spiffing up the review series/projects format and the Review Index

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