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Action! The Goods: Film Reviews is live

The Goods: Film Reviews is officially ready for public viewing as of today, July 9, 2022!

Check out the Welcome page for an overview of the site. Instead of stars or letter grades, we use the “Is It Good?” 8-point rating scale.

I have been writing reviews and working on this site, in some form, for about two years, so this is more of a “wide release” under “The Goods” moniker than a brand new launch. The site launches with about 300 reviews, about 200 additional review capsules and/or podcast episodes, with a new review coming every day for as long as I can keep up momentum. (Edit: Made it to 150.)

Questions? Feedback? Ideas? You can reach me at

And don’t forget to check out our podcast: The Goods: A Film Podcast.

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