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August 2022 Recap

Summer is wrapping up as the the site concludes its first full month since the July 9 launch. Let’s take a look at my movie-watching month in August.

Last month: July 2022 Recap



Site News and Updates:

Next Month:

  • I’m going to continue focusing on catching up on 2022 films during September with my daily reviews. Then, on to Spooktober!
  • I also will continue to address my backlog of movies watched but waiting for reviews, and might try to publish two reviews some days.
  • I will also hope to flesh out the Review Index to make it easier to find past reviews

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2 replies on “August 2022 Recap”

Poor Dan; maybe it’s a countermajoritarian opinion, but this was a notably solid August for new movies, all told, yet I think you only saw bad ones!

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