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February 2023 Recap

Spring is on the horizon! Or maybe I’m just desperate for winter to be over. I’m still catching up with 2022‘s scraps — gold-plated scraps, as the case may be, as it’s been mostly Oscar nominees.

Last month: January 2023 Recap




Site News and Updates:

  • According to my Letterboxd account, I watched 25 feature films and 2 short films in February
  • I continued my overhaul of the Review Index, which is still in progress
  • Today’s banner comes from the most-read new release review this month… Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris
  • This month we had 309 readers. Thanks, all!

Next Month:

  • I’ll get my draft of the 2022 Annual Recap posted (spoiler: I already did, but not before the end of February)
  • Awards show style segment!
  • Continue polishing the archive

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