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Heavy Metal Parking Lot (1986)

“I’ve never seen such a thing in all my life”

Officially my third time watching this in 2021, but I actually watched it about 5 other times in April to prep for a podcast discussing it.

I think the only thing I’d consider changing about this is that Dave and Dawn (aged 20 and 13, respectively, yet seen kissing) appear so early. It sets up viewers to be judgmental and scandalized, as opposed to celebratory, of this group of joyful, excited, inebriated, deranged people.

(A fun fact about that segment is that the filmmakers and crowd egged them on for a kiss, which was edited out, presumably to increase shock value.)

Everything else though? *chef’s kiss*

I love Zebraman, and “Hell Yeah” girl, and the group from Reston, and the people there to honor their dead friend Timmy, and the parking attendant, and the guy drinking from a beaker who does air guitar, and everyone else.

To quote John Blyth Barrymore in LasagnaCat’s legendary 7/27/78 review…

“Do I find perfection in many things? Some things, I would say. Some things are perfect. and this is one of them.”

Is It Good?

Masterpiece: Tour De Good (8/8)

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