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Piranha 3D (2010)

Trashy, gratuitous, overstuffed with gore and nudity and crappy one-liners. But an overflowing sense of fun amidst the filth (though the blood was a bit much for me).

Is It Good?

Nearly Good (4/8)

Note: This capsule review was originally published elsewhere. If I watch this movie again, I might expand this to a full-length review.

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3 replies on “Piranha 3D (2010)”

If PIRANHA 3D did nothing else right, it gave the lovely Kelly Brooks something interesting to do while the camera loves her and the rest of the audience can only admire its superb taste in lady friends.


On an almost-equally serious note, one would be interested in seeing a full review of this cheerful B-movie, if only to find out where you think it’s unpretentiousness is a strength and where it becomes a weakness.

Also, if I haven’t made my gratitude transparently clear, Thank You for making this film’s banner image Great Britain’s most gorgeous export since Dolly Read went over to be a Playboy Bunny.

(To any ladies reading, I cannot apologise for my admiration, but if my expression of that enthusiasm is offended then I do ask your pardon).

I am due to rewatch this one now that I’ve recently seen the 1980’s Joe Dante original and the unfortunate James Cameron sequel. I have almost entirely positive memories of watching it, so it’s possible a rating bump would be in store, but no guarantees.

Hey, let’s not get ahead of ourselves: it’s definately enjoyable, but I’m not sure it’s GOOD – I’d call it absolutely thrilled to exist as a B movie if the film’s sense of humour didn’t rather suggest it would much prefer a pair of Ds! (-;

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