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Snow Day (2000)

(Note 12/2022: I just want to say that the following review soft-pedals my affection for this movie. I will write something more effusive someday.)

This is a movie that short-circuits my critical faculties, right up there A Goofy Movie. Frankly, I am more fond of it than it probably deserves. My review will attempt a semblance of objectivity, unlike… well, A Goofy Movie.

Snow Day started life as an Adventures of Pete and Pete script, to perhaps serve as a series finale. I’ve only seen a few Pete and Pete episodes, but the DNA is obviously there: two siblings, one a teen and one an adventurous elementary schooler, in a suburban adventure with a heightened, kid-centric reality.

The movie’s brother and sister, Hal and Natalie are each on an epic quest; one, to land the girl of his dreams, the other, to stop Snow Plow Man from clearing the roads. (It helped my enjoyment that I first watched at age 12, right in between the two main characters.)

The movie’s takes on romance, deconstructing pining from afar, is more sophisticated than I expected upon rewatch at age 33. The production values are better than one might expect, too, especially in Natalie’s ongoing feud with Snow Plow Man (played by a grimy Chris Elliott).

Let’s be clear that this is strictly a film targeted at children, its catering to an adult audience limited to some Chevy Chase double entendres (and an unexpected Citizen Kane reference). It’s not high art.

And then there’s the farts. According to the director’s commentary, every kid in the test audience went wild for the fart foley during test screenings, so they tripled it. Yikes.

Despite its low aspirations and pandering kids touches, I confess that I find Snow Day fairly competently made and entertaining, with just enough adventure, heart, and laughs to engage me for its 89 minutes.

Or maybe it’s the nostalgia talking.

Is It Good?

Good (5/8)

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