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The Matrix (1999)

Some disogranized thoughts in lieu of a full proper review, which I swear I’ll write next time I watch:

  • I think I last saw this when I was in college, back before I knew the Wachowskis are trans (or had even the faintest idea of what a “queer reading” of a movie was). It should go without saying that this movie plays totally different with that in mind.
  • On the other hand, that makes the already-pretty-lame kiss at the end even more out of place.
  • Moments of the action — its composition, its energy — still thrill, but I was honestly hoping there would be more catharsis in the final showdown.
  • Unintentional Joey Pants / Carrie-Anne Moss double feature this week, as I also watched Memento.
  • Speaking of Joey Pants, he’s great here, and I wish Cypher’s betrayal was more prominent and drawn out.
  • The green tinting on this film is gorgeous and refreshing. It was really hot today, and the color scheme of The Matrix made me physically thirsty, if that makes sense.
  • The philosophical mumbo jumbo that makes up much of the script is exactly that: mumbo jumbo. But I honestly liked it. It fits the world pretty well. It really devotes itself to the idea of a false reality for people who might not have previously considered the notion.
  • My favorite detail this time around was how Agent Smith constantly deadnames Neo… definitely adds to the queer reading of the film.
  • I enjoyed watching this, but… When I made a list of my 100 favorite films in 2009, I included this. If I were to make that list in 2021, I definitely would not.

Is It Good?

Very Good (6/8)

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