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New York Stories (1989)

Here’s a quick rundown of the three films in this anthology:

The Scorsese short is terrific, especially Nick Nolte’s performance. It’s exactly what I look for in projects like this: A unique story that couldn’t fit a feature, but shines at 40 minutes. It has some spine-crushing needle drops and lots to say about the relationship between sex and art and psycho-sexual manipulation.

The Coppola short is a stinker. It feels like a bad TV episode from Nickelodeon in the ’90s. Other than a few cool shots, a total waste of time.

The Allen segment (the reason I pulled it up) is a solidly amusing throwback to his “early, funny” days, with a punchline rhythm that evokes his first few films. The bizarre fantasy element made me think of his Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex film.

1 terrific, 1 bad, 1 solid by three great directors… a worthwhile watch, but a slight disappointment in aggregate.

Is It Good?

Good (5/8)

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