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Olaf’s Frozen Adventure (2017)

Everyone who is panning this should watch Olaf Presents or Once Upon a Snowman to see how dismal Olaf shorts can be.

I actually didn’t hate this one! It’s a good-faith effort to add a little bit of depth to the world and characters of Frozen. The trauma of the loneliness and “lost years” of Anna’s and Elsa’s childhood are given some consideration. There are a couple of cool animation choices, including a segment that looks to recreate the texture of hand-knit yarn sweaters.

I also thought the way it connected Olaf to the memory of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman,” i.e. Anna’s and Elsa’s limited connection during their youth, was actually kind of touching.

And a couple moments made me chuckle, like Sven impersonating Olaf, and the chaos of the sleigh losing control and falling off a cliff.

Okay, sure, Olaf is an immensely annoying character, the songs are rushed throwaways, and the story is inessential. It is still, quite squarely, not a good piece of entertainment. But considering how low my expectations were, I had a half-decent time.

Is It Good?

Not Very Good (3/8)

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