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Olaf Presents (2021)

My kids smiled, but at what cost?

This is among the lowest forms of cross-promotional entertainment, an annoying side character from one Disney movie giving annoying recaps of beloved Disney movies that inch just enough towards parody/deconstruction to act like it’s clever without actually being clever. (It’s a miniseries based on that one unnecessary but mildly amusing segment of Frozen 2 where Olaf reenacts Frozen 1.)

No interesting animation, no stabs at extended storytelling or creativity, just quickly presented and abandoned story points and musical lyrics from five movies you’ve seen.

Do you like Josh Gad singing intentionally badly? I sure hope so because you’ll be getting a heavy dosage of it here.

The only, tiniest saving graces in its favor are that I love seeing my daughters’ smiles, and the Marshmallow monster is charming.

Is It Good?

Very Not Good (1/8)

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