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Upcoming collaboration with Andrew Milne

Hey friends. Over the past few years of arguing about movies (and nonsense) in various Discord servers and online forums, I’ve befriended a Scottish bloke named Andrew Milne. He’s one of the hosts of the long-running Two Friends Watch podcast. He appeared on The Goods: A Film Podcast and also wrote the terrific Martial-Arts Movies: A Primer on this site.

Starting this afternoon, Andrew is going to be running a retrospective series of reviews on the films by Gareth Evans on this site. It will be the first time movie reviews are published here written by someone other than me. Another first: the series will also include writing about TV.

I’m posting this both to welcome Andrew and to alert you to check the by-lines. Let me know if anything — formatting, content, or otherwise — looks wrong or confusing! And don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any ideas on ways you and I could collaborate. I’m open ears!

Cheers — Dan

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