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Bikini Beach (1964)

There’s a zesty silliness to the 3rd Beach Party film that makes it a lot more fun than the 2nd (Muscle Beach Party), and certainly frothier than the 1st (Beach Party), even if I miss the latter’s sweaty tactility of its beach and party scenes.

The cartoon energy is in full swing here: A surfing and drag racing chimp, a delightfully bad British caricature of a villain by double-cast Frankie Avalon, more Don Rickles, a zany chase scene and brawl, etc.

It should go without saying at this point that the movie would be a lot more enjoyable at 79 minutes than 97, but if you’re looking for restraint you’re watching the wrong series.

Up next: Beach Blanket Bingo, the one with the best and silliest reputation.

Is It Good?

Good (5/8)

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