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LEGO Frozen Northern Lights (2016)

Out of all of the stupid, horrible Frozen spinoff shorts… this might be the most tolerable!

The Frozen gang goes off on a search for the aurora borealis, this time animated with the Lego faux-stop motion popularized by The Lego Movie. Instead of using a C-tier Robert Lopez song as an anchor (a la Frozen Fever), Northern Lights is mostly music-free, instead offering a banter-focused outing for its adventure story.

Though it’s unnecessarily split into four seven-minute chapters, the short moves briskly and lightly. Best of all, they must have hired some legitimately funny people to write this! It’s nothing too provocative, but the balance of brand skewering, meta jokes, and throwaway gags is fast-paced and quite charming.

The Lego-style animation is a bit of an awkward fit for Frozen, whose wheelhouse is awe-inspiring wintry wonderlands that don’t necessarily fit with voxel-style lego blocks, but well executed and fun to watch like the style always is.

I won’t get carried way. The short is still completely inessential, but as far as Frozen filler goes, it’s probably the tastiest variety of sawdust yet.

Is It Good?

Nearly Good (4/8)

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